June 7, 2021

What's New On UNO Ultimate Edition and Fenyx's Quest?

UNO is a card game that has been around for many years. UNO, which means "one" in Spanish, was originally created by Merle Robbins and released in 1971 as the "Rookwood" line of games from Waddingtons Games. The objective of the game is to be the first player to discard all cards from their hand and not receive any penalty cards (such as draw four or reverse). There are many different versions of UNO but we will focus on uno ultimate edition fenyx's quest here because it is one of the most popular ones.

What's New On UNO Ultimate Edition and Fenyx's Quest?

About the Game

The Uno ultimate edition Fenyx's quest is a multiplayer version of the game where players can play against each other. There are several ways to win: be the first player out, have more points than anyone else when someone goes out, or get rid of all your cards. The object of this game is very straight forward but there is some strategy involved in determining which card you want to discard because it will affect whether or not another player can beat you if they also happen to be going out at that moment. There are always many different strategies for playing UNO but in Fenyx's Quest you have some special cards. If you use these cards correctly the opponent won't even know what just happened.

What's New On UNO Ultimate Edition and Fenyx's Quest?

About Fenyx Quest

There are 4 Gods added to the game which needs to be released just by playing some cards. Achilles, Herakles, Hephaistos, and Odysseus are the four Gods that have been added to the game. Each of the four gods has a different set of skills that will help you in the game. While playing you will notice a purple bar filling in the middle of the table. When it fills completely you will be cursed by the Typhone and get a card that will draw a card each turn. There is also a Fenyx card that can save the day.

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